About the Artist:

Linda Saxon Nix is native of Mississippi who grew up in the small town of Meadville and has resided in Biloxi for thirty-two years. She calls the Gulf Coast her home. An educator by profession, she spent most of her career in the Ocean Springs School System as a Library Media Specialist. She also taught briefly in Mobile, AL and Denver, CO.

Nix has always been interested in one phase or another of art. She began her interest in painting while living in Colorado for twelve years. Now retired from a fulfilling career as a school media specialist, she enjoys having the time to spend with photography and play with various mediums of art.

Nix is basically self-taught in photography. She has had a camera since she was eleven when she got a Brownie Hawkeye for her birthday. She has a BS in Home Economics, an M.Ed. in Educational Media and a MLS in Library Science. She has a number of hours above her second master's degree equivalent to a Specialist's Degree. Even though her various educational pursuits didn't allow time for college courses in other than basic art classes, she has made it a practice to take workshops from noted artists and photographers throughout the years. She takes photography workshops and seminars whenever she gets the chance. She studied under Bruce Barnbaum (who studied under Ansel Adams) during a week-long workshop. She reads and studies the photography magazines she subscribes to as well as the books on photography that she collects. She has also learned a great deal from her son who majored in photography. They enjoy going on "shoots" together when they get together.

She finds that photography is her most satisfying medium of expression, and enjoys photographing a variety of subjects. She loves experiencing the satisfaction of creating a scene or a mood with her camera, and doesn't see a flower, a sunset, a seascape, an old building, or a landscape without wanting to photograph it.

Her eye for composition and her selection of subject matter, as well as numerous photography workshops, have given her a scope that has led her photographs to be sought after as fine art used for a number and variety of commercial purposes. Her photography has been labeled "sensual" in that it tends to pull you in and make you think about what it means. Nix likes for her photographs to tell a story, or evoke feelings.

She enjoys working in PhotoShop, mostly to optimize her photographs as photographers do when they develop their photographs in a dark room. She believes that if Ansel Adams were alive today, he would most assuredly be using PhotoShop because his final images looked far different from the ones he captured with his camera. She uses her art training to enhance some of her photographs in order to make them more artistic in appearance. She occasionally combines photos to create an effect or cause a result not possible with the camera.

She prefers to print her own archival photographs on a professional Epson printer because (being a near-perfectionist) she is better able to control the results. When she does have larger photographs made at a lab, she has them printed from a CD that she has created in PhotoShop, ensuring a better-controlled image.

Recently her love of painting has resurfaced, and she has taken a number of painting workshops. Finding time to paint is her worst problem. In addition to painting, she has started a line of jewelry made from her photography. Nix loves the arts and spends as much time as she can with all three of her pursuits - photography, painting and jewelry making.

In addition, she loves to travel, garden and develop her web pages on numerous subjects. She has a huge following on her Divorce Recovery and Grief sites. She is finding that there isn't enough time in a day, week or a year to do everything that she would love to do. Life is very fulfilling!

"Art is a living river that runs through
our time and will run on as long as art
is created & appreciated. To purchase
a painting is to take a dipper full of the
river home to constantly be refreshed
with the energy of life." Stewart Turcotte

More on Nix's Magnolia Photography

Nix renewed her interest in photography, actually, when she got a computer and obtained access to the Internet in the 1990's. She created a web page that displayed her magnolia photographs simply because of her love of magnolias and photographing them. And, living on the Gulf Coast that is abundant with magnolias in the springtime gave her the perfect opportunity to get numerous good shots of the native flower. Plus, at the time, she was painting magnolias and used her photos as references for her paintings.

It was when those reference shots became more interesting to her than paintings made from them, and when people started asking about purchasing her photographs, that she became a serious photographer of magnolias. In addition to her fine art photography, her magnolia photographs have been used in various advertising campaigns, on wedding invitations, for brochures, logos, and web pages,note cards, in a book about Mississippi for libraries, twice by Louisiana Life Magazine, and once in "New Orleans" magazine. She created a web site on the evolution of the life of a magnolia that is often used by school and college students all over the country when doing reports and presentations about magnolias flowers and trees. This site is professionally built based on research, which is part of her training as a librarian and her training in her masters' programs.

Her magnolia photographs are in homes and offices in most of the states as well as Australia, Spain and Denmark, Mexico and England.

Nix garnered the Award of Light at the 2002 Ocean Springs Multimedia Art Show with her magnolia photograph, "Reflections". In 2002, she was accepted into the prestigious George Ohr National Art Challenge by Juror Paul Soldner. Three of her photographs were juried into the Photography 2005 exhibit at the Tennessee Valley Art Association. Another magnolia photograph, "Suspended", received an award for best black and white photograph in a prestigious exhibit.


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