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Dream Azalea
# 101

Native (wild) azalea on a dream-like soft focus background

White Amaryllis
# 102

White amaryllis blossoms on a black background.

White Amaryllis
# 103

White Amaryllis on light background



























Purple Pitcher Plant
# 104

Indigenous to the South in fields and bogs.

Angel Trumpet in Repose
# 105

White Angel Trumpet with its unusual petals.








Pink Camellia
# 107

Pale pink camellia with delicate petals







Blue Iris
# 106

Image available without edge treatment


Oriental Lily
# 109

Delicate pink Oriental Lily surrounded by other flowers in a bouquet



Tiger Orchid
# 108

Lavender Orchid close-up










Magical Pitcher Plant
# 110

Artistic Version of the Purple Pitcher plant.

Yellow Rosebud

# 115

Delicate Rose Bud grown in my garden - a luscious water drop on the petal









Blue Morning Glory
Beach Flower
# 111

Another image from the Denver Botanic Garden



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Asian Lily
# 112

Gorgeous, rich cluster of magenta lilies





Water Lilies
Pink and White
# 113

Pink and white water lilies with water drops







Symphony in Rose Minor
Five Roses
# 114

White roses on a black background

































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