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Magnolia Blossoms

Fine Art Prints and Stock Photography

Images on these pages have been saved at a very low resolution for web display.
Actual high resolution images are much sharper.

Copyright notices on some images will, of course, not appear on the purchased image.






Magnolia # 101
After the Rain

Water drops glistening on petals and leaves make this magnolia look fresh and crisp.

35mm Film image, scanned to digital.


Magnolia # 102
Sleeping Beauty

35 mm Image. Curved shape of tepals is unique.

Available in up to 8" X 10" size.




Magnolia # 103
Splendor in the Grass

This blossom is nearly open. It has excellent symmetry.
35 mm Photo - Scanned and digitally enhanced around edges.








Magnolia # 104

A strong, beautiful speciman of an open magnolia.

Large Digital Image - Large File Size
A quality image.







Magnolia # 105
Full Moon Magnolia

Almost perfect symmetry in this magnolia which is as round as a full moon.














Magnolia # 106
Enchanted Bud

35 mm Image. When just a hint of an opening bud is desired.





Magnolia # 107
Classic Magnolia

Classically perfect... The smooth texture on the petal is like velvet! The leaves are in the background, but the exposure is perfect to showcase the blossom. 35mm Photo Image; negative available for scanning, reprints and enlargements.

Large File Size Available.

Premier Image


















Magnolia # 108
Fertile Goddess

Large Digital File

Actual colors more vibrant than shown here.




Magnolia # 109
Bronte Sisters

Elegant and timely, these two magnolias are displayed on a black background.

Large digital file.






May Beauty
Magnolia # 110

Another one that unfurled in almost perfect symmetry. Digital Image.
Negative not available; 35mm photo available for scanning.

File not available at this time - it will return.










Imperial Beauty
Magnolia # 111

Unfurled to display elegant petals. This is a digital image only. Not available in very large file size.

File not available at this time - it will return.




Lovely Lady
Magnolia # 112

The shape of this one is especially nice-
Quite popular as a fine arts image in a mat and frame.

35mm Image








Simple Beauty
Magnolia # 113

35mm Image. Negative available for scan, reprints, enlargements, digital scans.








Classic Pod
Magnolia # 114

Excellent image depicting the ripe seeds of the magnolia pod.

35mm Still-life Image. Prints available. Negative available for scan, reprints, enlargements, digital scans.







Radiant Beauty
Magnolia # 115

A most unusual pose of a blossom opening, caught with sunlight on the leaves.

35mm Image. Prints available. Negative available for scan, reprints, enlargements, digital scans. Premier Image

Honey Bee Magnolia
Magnolia # 116

Very ripe stamen has just fallen off and has attracted a bee on a petal of this perfectly formed magnolia.

Large digital file.

























Most Magnolia Images can be dropped out from their backgrounds.
The fee ranges from $30.00 - $40.00 per image.

The quality of the photograph you order or license is much higher than these depicted on this page. All images have been compressed into low-resolution JPEGs in order to allow fast loading; therefore, these images show slight color blurring of solid areas and some colors may appear dulled.

Premier Images are priced slightly higher than other images.

Please note: All of these images is available as an archival photograph up to 13" X 19".
Large sizes available by custom order.
Most images are suitable for publishing; however, please check to see that the particular image
you select will meet your requirements for your particular publishing needs.


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Custom enhancements and changes can be requested by customers, such as "dropouts" from
backgrounds, special borders, and, of course, custom sizing. Additional costs may be involved.

Contact me about usage rights for magnolia images.

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