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Magnolia Blossoms and Artistic Images

Images on these pages have been saved at a very low resolution for web display.
Actual high resolution images are much sharper and have greater color depth.

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None of these images is in public domain.
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"Three Musketeers "

Magnolia # 501

Three magnolia images on a black background. Large file size available.

Digital Photograph
Large File Size



"Rembrandt II "

Magnolia # 502

Beautifully shaped magnolia framed against a forest background.

Digital Photograph
Large File


"Ebb Tide I"

Magnolia # 503

Gem Magnolia photographed on sheet music "Ebb Tide"

Digital Photograph
Large File

Premier Image


"Wine and Music"

Magnolia # 504

Ambiance of romance suggesting a candlelight setting or wine and piano music to dance to.

Digital Photograph
Large File


Premier Image



Magnolia # 505

Delicately translucent magnolia on white background (not a dropout)

Digital Photograph
Large File


"Marilyn Monroe "

Magnolia # 506

A full blossom is so voluptuous that it deserves the name of the famous movie queen.

Digital Photograph
Large File



Magnolia # 507

A lovely shaped magnolia dropped out to a white background.

Digital Photograph
Large File


"Waterdrop Magnolia II"

Magnolia # 508

Raindrops on a magnolia give it a fresh, crisp look. Slightly different from the one on Page 1.

35mm Photo; Digital Scan
Large File



Magnolia # 509

Medium format image, full and ruffled.

Medium File (12 X 8.5)



Magnolia # 510

Sitting among lush greenery (actual photograph more colorful), with a brilliant center, Siren is a quality image.

Digital Photograph
Medium File



Magnolia # 511

Golden light hits the leaves of this nearly open perfectly shaped magnolia sparkling with rain drops.

Digital Photograph
Large File


"The Promise "

Magnolia # 512

A furled bud gives the promise of a full, opened magnolia blossom.

35mm Film Scan
Large File



"Center of Being"

Magnolia # 513

The golden center of the magnolia spills
its pollen onto a cupped tepal.

35mm Film Scan
Large File


"Southern Melody "

Magnolia # 514

Blossom and bud reposed on piano provoke a sense of soft, haunting melodies.

Large Digital File

(This one looks stunning matted and framed in black with a white liner.)



The quality of the photograph you order or license is much higher than these depicted on this page. All images have been compressed into low-resolution JPEGs in order to allow fast loading; therefore, these images show slight color blurring of solid areas and some colors may appear dulled.

Most Magnolia Images can be dropped out from their backgrounds.
The fee ranges from $30.00 - $40.00 per image.

Premier Images are priced slightly higher than other images.

Please note: All of these images is available as an archival photograph up to 13" X 19".
Large sizes available by custom order.
Most images are suitable for publishing; however, please check to see that the particular image
you select will meet your requirements for your particular publishing needs.

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Magnolia Blossoms and Artistic Images


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backgrounds, special borders, and, of course, custom sizing. Additional costs may be involved.

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