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Southern Creations, Inc. has been providing magnolia images for the past 10 years for a wide variety of uses, including book illustrations, magazine ads and illustrations, a Yellow Pages cover, wedding invitations, web pages, brochures, video promotions, off-Broadway playbills, backdrops for stage plays, newspaper illustrations, designs for porcelain plates, chamber of commerce directory covers, postcards and invitations, promotional flyers, company logos, and various uses for business with the magnolia as their theme. We are now providing various floral images and have recently placed Coastal Images of Biloxi and the surrounding area on this site. We will soon include other types of images such as landscapes and artistic photography.

My prices are competitive, and are based on your needs. When you write to ask about using an image, please include the following information:

  1. The magnolia image name, image number and the page where you saw it
  2. The file size you need (KB or MB)
  3. File Resolution (dpi)
  4. The size in dimensions needed
  5. The nature of your use (list all perceived uses)
  6. Any other information you think pertinent
  7. Your affiliation or business

Linda Saxon Nix and Southern Creations, Inc. retains all copyrights.
The usual license specifies non-exclusive use.

Note: Some older images are not available in hi resolution, so contact us to make sure the image you are interested in will meet your particular needs.

Note: Dropouts are available for magnolia images. Rate for dropping out the background ranges from $20.00 - $30.00 per image in addition to the usage fee, or you may do the dropouts yourself.



















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Contact me about usage rights for specific magnolia images.




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