Stipulations for Use of all Photos and Images created
by Linda S. Nix:


All magnolia images on all Southern Creations, Inc. web pages are copyrighted.
(Copyright 1997 - 2010 by Linda Saxon Nix).

Southern Creations, Inc. is a business. Unauthorized use of any magnolia photographs on any
of these web pages is strictly prohibited.

None of my photographs are in public domain. They may not be downloaded, printed, manipulated, made into web graphics or Paint Shop Pro tubes, used on personal or corporate web pages, used as art reference,  stored, reproduced electronically or digitally, used in or placed in any image or photography gallery, online or print without my explicit, written permission. If you see anyone offering any of my magnolias in any form on the Internet,
please let me know.

Copyright for all images will be retained by me.

Stipulations and usage information for the following:

Fine Art :

    Images may be purchased as fine art photography for homes, offices or businesses.

    A variety of sizes are available or can be scanned or created.

    • Each image has a 3-digit identification number.
    • Please refer to the ID number when ordering.
    • Indicate the page name and the image name.
    • Tell me which size you are interested in.

Commercial Use:

If you are interested in using these magnolia images commercially, including but not limited to designing web pages for profit, creating graphics, for art or crafts created for profit; for use on a commercial web site; wedding or other invitations; or for any type of commercial publication (including brochures, newsletters, cards, promotions, magazines, newspapers, calendars, or in advertising) please contact me to obtain usage rights. The usage fee depends on the type of use along with other factors. Please be specific in terms of use when sending inquiries.
  • The images displayed on this web site are available for purchase as fine art prints and for various professional, stock and commercial purposes.
  • Please carefully read the information underneath each image describing the size and format of the image before you select it for your particular project.
  • Then, contact me for further information and to confirm to see if an image will meet your needs.
  • With your inquiry, you will need to specify your particular use, the size of the image and the resolution needed, the number of prints you intend to make, magazine circulation, etc.
  • Each image has a 3-digit identification number.
  • Please refer to the image ID number when inquiring.
  • Indicate the page name and the image name.


Nonprofit Organizations:

  • Not-for-profit organizations may inquire about using my images.
  • Some nonprofit organizations may qualify for special prices; however, price depends upon the nature of the use.
  • As a general rule, images are not donated due to tax restrictions on artists in which the retail value of art of photography cannot be claimed, only the actual cost of the materials.
  • E-mail me for inquiries, but please don't ask to use the image at no charge or for a link back to my site.

Educational Use

K-12 Students:

  • My magnolia images on the Evolution of Magnolias page may be used by school students who do reports and research papers for class projects.
  • E-mail me and let me know what type of project it is and what grade you are in.
  • If images are used, you must place the copyright "© Linda S. Nix" under each image
  • It is important for students realize that each time any image is downloaded and used, even for educational purposes, credit should be given in the bibliography.
  • When you use information from my magnolia pages, the site should also be listed in your biography.
  • NOTE: Educational use does not constitute any use in which a profit or remuneration is made in any way connected with the use of these images. Licensing fees are required in these cases.

College Students:

  • Occasionally college students ask to use magnolia images for projects. This is possible if you do the following:
  • E-mail me and tell me which and how many images you wish to use, describe your assignment/project, and tell me for which class you are doing it.
  • Place the copyright notice, "© Linda S. Nix", under or by each image.
  • Agree to e-mail me a copy of your project or e-mail me a file of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Give credit in your bibliography.
  • You may not publish in any form, sell, distribute or otherwise profit in any way from your work that uses my images. This is a clear violation of copyright laws.


Wedding Invitations:

Many brides choose magnolias as the theme of their weddings. If you are interested in using a magnolia image on your wedding invitations, please click for more information. Please note that I do not print the invitations for you; I just provide the image for you to print yourself or for your printer to use.


  • Images may not be used for Paint Shop Pro tubes or for-sale arts and crafts.
  • Images may not be downloaded and used for any reason without written permission.
  • To use an image as a pattern, guide or inspiration for a painting, quilting, of any type of art or craft, you need to purchase a 5 X 7 image which is $10.00.



Please note: Image Resolution 

The images on Southern Creation's pages are scanned at low screen resolution for web presentation and are not suitable for printing or publication. The colors presented are not as vibrant as they are in the printed images, nor is the sharpness and clarity as good as your purchased image.

Other Magnolia Pages

In addition to the magnolia images found on the following pages, other magnolia images may be found on other "Essence of Magnolias" web pages . If you see one you are interested in, contact me for further information. Be sure to give me the URL for the page where it is located.

Note: All magnolia photographs on all pages are copyrighted.

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