Pelicans and Shore Birds

(and other birds of a feather)

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Photographs were taken along the Beaches and Back Bays of Alabama and Mississippi and the Bayous of Louisiana. Canada Geese photo taken on Lake Huron; swans in Michigan; snowbird in Colorado.

Great Blue Heron

"Strolling in Orange Beach"


Canada Geese

"Family Outing"


Brown Pelican

"Golden Crown"


Brown Pelican

"This is My Pier"

Great White Egret


Yellow Crowned Night Heron

"By the Causeway"


Laughing Gull

"Sittin on the Dock of the Bay"


Little Blue Heron

"Blue Stockings"


Brown Pelican

"Southern Pelican"

Brown Pelilcan

"I Just Be Sittin' and Waitin'"


Brown Pelican

"Soaring at Sunset"

Brown Pelican

"Where Sky Meets Water"


Blue Heron

"King of the Beach"


"Willets in Winter"


Mute Swans

"Two Swans A-Swimming"






Blue and Gold Macaws

"Then She Said"

The quality of the photograph you order or license is much higher than these depicted on this page. All images have been compressed into low-resolution JPEGs in order to allow fast loading; therefore, these images show slight color blurring of solid areas and some colors may appear dulled.


Please note: All of these images are available as an archival photograph up to 13" X 19".
Large sizes available by custom order.
Most images are suitable for publishing; however, please check to see that the particular image
you select will meet your requirements for your particular publishing needs.

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