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Note: All prints look better than the images on this page due to using low resolution images for this web page. Prints are 300 dpi and printed on a professional printer on archival paper..



 "Midnight Magnolia "

This watercolor painting depicts a magnolia in a starlight setting.
Cool blues and greens depict a serene setting.

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"Silver Magnolia"

Done in various hues of green against a black background, this nearly unfurled magnolia blossom depicts a silver-toned magnolia painted from photo taken by the artist.

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"Water Drop Magnolia"

Print of an original watercolor. The colors of the print are actually a little more subtle than those depicted in this scan.

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"Cloud Mist Magnolia"

An oil painting of a pristine magnolia painted from one of my magnolia images. The colors are subtle and serene.

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"Antique Magnolia"

One of my most popular prints, this one sells at every show. It looks beautiful in an ornate frame. The print is of an original oil painting.


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"Southern Magnolia "
Watercolor Print

Set in a Magnolia Grandiflora tree, this magnolia with a bud just beginning to open depicts the southern magnolia in its native setting.
The blossom has a warm glow.


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"Seagull's Retreat"

Print of an original Oil painting. This print has also been very popular.
It looks best in a walnut frame, a barnwood frame,
or a silver metal or wooden frame.

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"Seagull's Retreat II"

Print of original watercolor showing sand dunes and surf with seagulls flying overhead.
(Mat not included)

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"Quiet Dunes"

Print of an original oil painting of a storm
stirring and a seagull flying in the wind.

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"The Last Pelican"

Painted after the Deepwater Horizon oil leak, this print of an original oil painting depicts the sad possibility of the death of all of our pelicans. Many have been covered with oil and died while others have been saved, cleaned and released.

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Mixed Media Collage Prints


Print of translucent "bubbles" on an painted illustration board background. Original was 3-dimensional.

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"Faeries Under the Sea"

Print of translucent "bubbles" on an painted illustration board background. Original was 3-dimensional.

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"Under the Spiral Moon"

A collage featuring white owls, baby bird nests, a spiral moon, and an old work boot. Your imagination creates an otherworldly setting. The painting has gold paint throughout.

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"Renaissance Angel II"

A collage of many layers featuring a renaissance angel.

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"Under the Deep Blue Sea"

Another mystical collage with a hand-painted Nautilus shell,
Arthur Rackham mermaids and undersea trees.

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