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Magnolia Image

"Benchmark Magnolia"





Welcome to the Purchasing Page for Linda Saxon Nix's Southern Creations, Inc. Photographic Images.


Information for Ordering Fine Art Photography

Please Note:

This page is for ordering photographs as fine art.

If you wish to purchase the licensing rights to use these images for any purpose other than displaying them as fine art, including but not limited to using images for art references, please contact me for a price for usage rights, and read these page:


Use of Images


Fine Art Photographs of Magnolias

All Other Fine Art Images


Magnolia Images

Southern Creations has a wide selection of magnolia images. People the world over love magnolias, and we are pleased to offer my fine art images for magnolia collectors.

Magnolia photographs look exquisite when matted and framed,
and are available in a wide variety of sizes. There is always room somewhere for
another magnolia image if you love magnolias!

      • The 8" X 10" photos can be grouped with other 8" X 10" photos on a wall, either with smaller photos or by themselves. They may be placed on a table, piano or bookshelf. They may be matted or simply placed in a frame that suits your decor.
      • The 11" X 14" photos make a nice focal point on a wall.
      • 13 X 19 photographs can be ordered with a white mat, or a double mat to frame to 18 X 24.
      • The 16" X 20" photographs and the posters, when framed, will be the center of attraction in any home or office.
      • Larger images are available upon inquiry.

An example of a framed photo image. This one is "Classic Magnolia".


Which magnolia images may you purchase?

You may purchase any of the magnolia photographs on any of the pages of my sites, meaning any magnolia images on any of my pages, provided you check with me to determine that I have the correct file size for your selection. These images may be seen beginning on this page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to other magnolia image pages.


All Fine Art Photography

Unless otherwise requested, all images are printed at high resolution on archival Premium Luster photographic paper using archival ink which outlasts many commercially-purchased prints when framed under glass.

These images are rated to last for 72 - 100 years without fading when framed under glass and not placed in direct sunlight.

When you write asking about purchasing an image, please supply the following information:

Title of the page the image is on
Name of the magnolia
Image number
(if provided)
Size you are interested in


Images shown on all web pages have been scaled down to 72 dpi are low resolution .jpgs. They ultimately do not look as good as the high resolution print you will be purchasing. By obtaining an original photographic print, you will be assured of purchasing a clear and true image.
Purchased photographs will not have any watermark copyright signatures.



Terms of Purchase:

All purchased photos remain copyrighted by me; therefore, you do not have permission to copy, print, reproduce, enlarge with a commercial photo enlarger, or, most especially, resell or license to a third party, or in any way use them for profit.

No digital files will be sent for fine art prints.
In order to obtain a digital file, you must pay usage rights and the use specified in a contract.

The photograph prices do not include mats.
A white mat can be provided at an extra charge (see table below).

Framed Images

Mat colors and types are based on personal preferences as well as frame sizes and types; therefore, you may prefer to wait to match the photograph with your deco if you prefer a colored mat.

Pricing can be quoted for a matted and framed photograph.

Payment Methods:

  1. Check, money order or PayPal (I can invoice you even if you do not have a PayPal account.
  2. Your Visa, Master Card or Discover Card number can be taken over the phone. If you wish to purchase in this manner, e-mail me for my phone number. I cannot accept Debit Cards.

Purchasing Procedure (Prior to PayPal)

  1. E-mail your request, including the name and size of the print you wish to purchase (the information listed above). Include the name of the page where you found the image, the image name and the image number. I will then send my mailing address so you can mail payment.
  2. Upon receipt of payment and your address, as soon as your check clears your photographs will be mailed.
  3. Allow at least a week for processing. Orders are custom printed and need drying time before sealing to mail.
  4. You will need to allow lab processing time (up to two weeks) if I you want a larger photo lab print.


Please note: Not all images conform to stated sizes below due to the varying format cameras used.

Prices for Magnolia Images without Mats:

Note: Due to differing formats of cameras used, some images may have to be cropped
to obtain the specific sizes listed below, or some images may not be possible
in sizes listed below - always inquire:

Photo Size

Archival Print

5 X 7

8 X 10


9 X 12 or 9 X 13


11 X 14

12 X 16


13 X 19
(if format of image allows for proportional enlargement)

16 X 20
Lab Print - $100.00
18 or 20 X 24
Signed and Numbered Limited Editions (Those that are available)
Additional Charge of $5.00 - $15.00

***Southern Creations, Inc. uses a professional Epson printer that is used by many
professional photographers. Using special papers, my images are rated to last
for at least 100 years provided they are framed behind glass and not put in direct sunlight.

Matted Photos
2" Mat on all sides

Matted Size


5" X 7"

8" X 10"


9" X 12" or 9" X 13"


11 X 14

12" X 16"


16" X 20"
18" or 20" X 24"
Signed and Numbered Limited Editions
Inquire per Size


Shipping and Handling
Unmated and Matted Photographs

Postage and Packaging - Please add for each photo:

(Regular 1st Class or Priority Mail Delivery)

5 X 7
8 X 10
11 X 14
12 X 16
13 X 19 or 16 X 20 Flat
18 or 20 x 24 (In a tube)

Framed Photographs

It is possible to have a photograph framed in limited styles of frames. Southern Creations isn't a custom framing source due to the limited number and style of frames kept on hand, and limited colors of mat board. We can, however, occasionally frame and ship a photograph in a white or off-white mat.
Should you be interested in a framed photograph, please inquire.

Framed art shipping rates will be based on actual costs. Added to your shipping costs will be the cost of a box, packing peanuts, and/or bubble wrap. Every effort is made to recycle boxes so that you won't have to pay for a box, but occasionally a box has to be purchased.
Additional postage required for additional photographs in one order.


Please allow time for images to be sized and printed, time for your payment to be received, and time for mailing. If you are in a rush (for instance, you are purchasing a photograph as a gift), try to order in time to allow for printing and shipping. Priority shipping can be arranged, but 3 days minimum is required.


(This # is on the state and national No Call list for solilcitors)



Pages from which to select your magnolia images:

Essence of Magnolias

Original Magnolia Paintings

Magnolia Photos


All photos on this page Copyright 2000- 20010 by Linda Saxon Nix. Permission is needed to copy, print, use, or publish in any format.



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